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Customer Connect - Getting Started

Getting started is really easy. ...we can start right away.

Initially, all we need need from you is:

  1. a list of the product lines you would like to offer on-line at this time - you can add more later E-mail:
  2. price files with Canadian or American prices for those product lines not already on our website or not uptodate.
    These files could be sent on discette via mail or, much better, by e-mail as an attachment or in the body of an email (see notes re: file format below).
We don't need any paperwork or contract at this time, especially since all this is free until the end of the century :-)

When we receive the above:

  • we'll setup an "account" and create a special login and password.
  • For those who will be connecting from their own web page:
    • We'll send you the line of html code (URL) to add to your site.
    • You could add a single simple link or a few links to take your customer directly into the illustrated parts, search, or order entry section. You could have clickable logos for the different lines you carry. You could even offer a "test drive" option.
    • We will also send you a few sample pages with the above links and some words you might use around those links.
  • For those who will be connecting via a PartsAndService Web Page:
    • We'll setup a generic webpage with your name, address, phone numbers e-mail address(es) and product list along with the appropriate links to:
      the illustrated parts catalogues, search routines and order entry routines,
      each with a "test drive" option.
    • You can then customize (or have customized) your page however you like.
  • In both cases we will every month or so submit to the big search engines such as AltaVista, Yahoo, and Dogpile your page address and the product lines you carry. When a potential customer goes to these sites searching for one of your product lines, your name and page will come up.

Sample Pages and Sample Links:


  • We suggest that you have another (backup) e-mail address. Our software can send your customer orders to one or two address. This way if you main ISP/account is off-line for some reason, you can still check for orders on the backup.


Notes re: File Format:
  1. text only please
  2. the data we need is: partnumber, description and list price
    optional: cost price or price code, weight, quantity/package
  3. if the format is either fixed format, tab delimited or comma separated (.csv) the order of the fields is NOT important. if the format is format free or space delimited, then the description should be the last field.
  4. if the above is inconvenient for you - just send whatever file(s) you have - we do have software to harvest or extract data from most any file as long as it is not encrypted or proprietary - but we do avoid high risk files such as (Microsoft) word and excel files and dos .exe files
  5. one product line per attachment or e-mail

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