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Fee Schedule

Customer Connect Orders:
On-line orders made by Customers and Visitors to the Seller's Own Web Site or Home Page
Setup and Monthly Charges: no charge
On a per-order basis:
        On the first $25.00:
      On any amount over over $25.00:
ie: on a $100.00 order:
on a $1000.00 order:
$  2.00
$ 11.00
Partner-in-Parts Sales:
On-line orders made by Visitors to this (PartsAndService) Web Site.
dealer inhouse online orders: no charge
On-Line orders for shipment to customer and invoiced by dealer: 10% commission
Surplus or Liquidation Parts:
Setup and Listing Charges: no charge
Sale Priced Orders and Bulk Sales: 5% commission
Web Space:
Web Page:
includes: up to 1 meg space, upto 3 pages, 2 extra aliases
$ 9.95 per month
extra space: $ 1.00 per month per meg
extra aliases: $ 1.00 per month each

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