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Tips for Partners in Parts Web Pages

  • Your World Wide Address will be:
    • (Lets say your business name is "Demonstration Equipment Company"):
    • or

  • You can also use the familiar "http://" or "www." as in:
    • or

  • Currently the .ca and .com addresses go to the same web site.
    In the future we expect to use the .ca to indicate Canadian Partners and the .com to indicate American Partners. International Partners could choose either.

  • Your Web Page may be to 1 meg space, up to 3 pages and 2 extra aliases

  • To make your address easier to remember and type, we will provide two aliases.
    In the example above, the "DemonstrationEquipmentCompany" part could be typed as "DEC" or "dec", ie:,, or

  • As with all www addresses;
    The first part of the address ( up to and including the .ca or .com ) is not case sensitive,
    ie: you can use capitals any where you like:, and
      HTTP://PARTSANDSERVICE.CA are all the same.

    The second part (after the .ca/ or .com/) is case sensitive: and are not the same.

  • Prepare ( or have someone prepare for you ) your Web page(s) and mail them to either as attachment or in the body of the e-mail. We will then upload your pages to the website.
    You could include a map or maps to your place, your regular hours and a list of the brand names you carry and other services you may provide.

  • Suggestion: most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) include a personal web page with your internet access and e-mail address(es). You could include on your partsandservice web pages links to your other web space ie: This way you can utilize web space that you have anyway and, most importantly, you can make frequent changes to those pages directly through your ISP with your own login and password, without waiting for us to upload any changes.
    If you change your ISP or they change your address, your customers will still find you here as

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